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Advantages of Log Homes


Energy Efficiency
From the northernmost corners of the United States to the hot, humid South and the arid Southwest, Ward Cedar Log Homes are designed to withstand virtually any climate.  Log homes are designed to deliver superior energy efficiency, which minimizes heating and cooling costs. Independent testing by the National Bureau of Standards has demonstrated that log homes, with their tremendous thermal mass, consume less energy than frame houses.  Morever, Ward's Northern White Cedar's large cell structure traps air to create natural insulation.

Fire Performance of Log Walls
A combination of the insulating response of the charred wood at the surface with the slow rate at which flame will spread along the wood surface, and the fact that there are no concealed cavities in a log wall through which the fire may travel makes, illustrates the fire resistive nature of solid wood walls.  Log structures are a top choice for endurance and integrity in a fire. 

Great Sound Proofing
Log homes have the ability to act as great sound proofing.  The use of mass wood, limits the transmission of sounds.  With the reduction of noise, living in a log home makes it that more comfortable.


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