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Log home package contents

Our log home materials package is one of the most complete and pre-cut packages available in the industry.  The log home materials package arrives on site with each log precision-cut and numbered for a perfect fit.  In addition, we pre-cut our log gables and porch, deck, loft and stair railings.  We also cut and hand-peel our own round purlins.  Because we cut, plane and "care for" so much of the package, we take full responsibility for every piece.  This decreases on-site labor costs and the chance for error.  Feel free to modify the materials package to fit your own needs and ideas for your own log home.


Floor System

  • Sill: #1 Grade Pressue (Pressure) Treated Southern Yellow Pine
  • Floor Framing: #2 Grade KD S-P-F (Kiln Dried Spruce-Pine-Fir) with metal bridging and joist hangers.  Engeneered (Engineered) floor trusses are available
  • Subfloor: 3/4" T&G AdvanTech®
  • Porch and deck floor joists, sill & headers: Pressure Treated
  • Porch and deck flooring: 2x Premium Northern White Cedar
  • Ice and water shield for porches and decks

Walls And Gables

  • Pre-cut and numbered Northern White Cedar logs (screws, gaskets, and caulking included)
  • Pre-cut window and exterior door rough buck frames
  • Milled log siding and log outover corners for floor framing, dormers, porch and deck skirting
  • Interior wall and support posts with hardware, Round.  Square available as an option.

Roof Options

  • Round log or square
  • Exposed rafters
  • Conventional rafters with ridge beam
  • Trusses

Purling Roof System

  • Premium Grade Eastern Spruce purlin roof system - pre-cut
  • Purlins supports: Round Eastern Spruce or Square as an option
  • 1st roof boards: 3/4" T&G Pine
  • 2x3 roof strapping, 24" O.C. (On Center)
  • Roof sheathing: 5/8" AdvanTech®
  • CertainTeed® Architectural Shingles with felt
  • Roof blocking as required per plan
  • 1x10 Western Red Cedar eave trim with drip edge.  1x3 fascia optional
  • Porch roof framing: 2x kiln dried Spruce-Pine-Fir
  • Porch ceiling: 3/4" T&G Pine

Truss Roof System

  • Includes engineered pre-fabricated roof trusses, 5/8" AdvanTech roof sheathing and 3/4" T&G Pine ceiling sheathing and soffit trim
  • Truss roof gable include framing, 1/2" AdvanTech® sheathing and log siding

Windows and Doors

  • Andersen® 400 Series windows, tilt-wash double-hung and casement with screens.  200 Series, E Series, and A Series available as an option
  • Therma-Tru® Classic-Craft® fiberglass doors, pre-hung in primed frame with insulated tempered safety glass.  Includes Schlage locksets
  • Solid pine interior doors: pre-hung 6-panle including Schlage locksets for all room doors and necessary hardware for closet doors
  • Interior and exterior trim, premium profiled pattern made of Northern White Cedar for all windows and doors

Loft Framing, Ceiling and Interior Partitions

  • Graded 4x8 or 6x8 Spruce beam ceiling joists.  Hangers required per plan
  • Graded 6x8 pre-cut Spruce tie beams
  • 2x RW x RL graded T&G v-match loft flooring
  • Framing: KD S-P-F 2x4 or 2x6 shoe, double plate, studs, blocking, headers and fillers as necessary
  • Partition paneling: 3/4" T&G Pine.  Northern White Cedar available as an option

Miscellaneous Materials Supplied Per Plan

  • Loft Stairs, open, D3S, treads and stringers are Spruce.  Pre-cut treads are 3x11x36, stringers are 3x10, D3S.  D4S (dressed 4 sides) available
  • Basement Stairs are 2x12 KD S-P-F treads and stringers
  • Loft, stair, porch and deck railing: Cedar, D4S, 2x4 rail, 2x3 balusters, and 4x4 posts.  Round rail available as option
  • Porch posts: Round Northern White Cedar.  Square is available


  • 100+ page construction book
  • Detailed Blueprints

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