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Rooted in tradition founded on innovation

From large, luxurious homes to small vacation retreats, Ward has built more than 10,000 residential structures across the United States and throughout the world. While no two homes are exactly alike, each has the distinctive Ward Cedar Log Home look and exceptional quality that has become our trademark for almost 90 years. And each has benefited from Ward's dedication to continued research, development and implementation of improved log construction technology. As a charter member of the National Association of Home Builders Log Homes Council (LHC), Ward has worked closely over the years with the LHC to provide studies and research into many technical subjects impacting our industry and you, our customers.

Here are the key elements that distinguish Ward Cedar Log Homes' building technology.


Ward homes utilize a conventional flooring system and studded partitions, making the installation of wiring and plumbing just as easy as in a traditionally framed house. In addition, any type of heating, ventilation or air conditioning system can be used. Interior wall switches and outlets are also installed in a conventional manner. For exterior walls, wires may be run through holes drilled in the logs and in channels that will be covered by door trim. Outlets and switches are mortised into the exterior walls.


Evolved over 90 years, the Comfort System-5 has been perfected into a technically superior system that prevents air and water from infiltrating the structure. While taking full advantage of the energy-efficient cedar walls, our unique method of log wall construction with the exclusive 5-point log sealing system ensures a tight and lasting fit.

Comfort System-5 Log wall Features:

Northern White Cedar - Naturally, it all begins with this superior wood, known for its structural stability, energy efficiency and natural resistance to the elements and insects.

A drip edge and notch milled beneath the drip- edge exterior eliminate the capillary action of water, channeling moisture away from your home.

An exterior bead of caulking specially formulated for elasticity and durability creates a weather tight seal against the elements.

An internal foam backer rod creates a second barrier to perfect the weather tight lock, preventing cold air and water from penetrating and warm air from escaping. And, because the caulking will not adhere to the backer rod, Ward creates the necessary two-sided wood adhesion that sealant experts require under their warranties.

Tongue-and-groove joinery with closed­ cell gasket material applied to all tongues and end joints during construction provides a mechanical barrier to the elements, creating the tightest log home possible. This prevents leaks and ensures maximum energy efficiency.


Ward was the inventor of the Interlocking "butt-and-pass" corner and log joinery system. Instead of the square log ends butting face-to-face, logs alternately extend past one another. The logs fit together in a tongue-and-groove fashion, with the foam sealant, backer rod and caulking providing superior protection.


This premier roof system Is created from the finest handpicked spruce logs, which are peeled by Ward craftsmen and sized to specification for each individual home. Pre-cut gabled ends are pre-erected at our manufacturing facility, then disassembled, to ensure that the angle of each log has been perfectly cut.


Ward also offers the option of pre-assembled conventional trussed roof systems for customers preferring traditional flat or vaulted ceilings TRUSS ANCHOR


The Ward Hybrid Comfort System offers insulated log walls that mimic stick-built construction, but look exactly like a traditional solid log wall, giving you the look of a full log wall home.

In addition to all the benefits of using Northern White Cedar, the system features:

Superior energy efficiency: When you're building in areas where energy codes are dictated, the Ward Hybrid Comfort System is the ideal choice, delivering an R-value of more than 30 with the optional 1 " rigid insulation.

Exterior look flexibility. This unique building system allows you to choose clapboards, stone, bricks or many other exterior options should you desire something different from the traditional exterior log home look.

Interior choice: Interior walls can be finished just like any traditional interior wall - with tongue- and-groove horizontal paneling or cedar half-log siding for a full log wall look. Another popular choice is drywall, which gives you the flexibility to paint or wallpaper areas of your choice.

Variety of comer styles: The standard package comes with full-log corners. If you'd like, you can also specify corner boards to coordinate with clapboard or log siding.

Easy-to-understand construction: Builders and contractors everywhere - even in areas where log homes are uncommon - will quickly understand how the Ward Hybrid Comfort System is constructed.

Tough standards, independent grading, 20-year guarantee

As a member of the National Association of Home Builders and a Charter Member of the Log Homes

Council, Ward meets the strictest standards in design, engineering and customer satisfaction.

  • Ward is an active member of and participant in setting building code standards with the International Code Council (formerly the Building Officials and Code Administration International [BOCA]), and all of our homes are designed in accordance with International Residential Codes.
  • Ward uses an independent third-party grading company to help ensure that all structural components - items such as wall logs, purlin roof beams, tie beams and ceiling joists - meet the requirements of your local building codes.
  • Our 20-year guarantee covers all log components against structural defects for 20 years and also warrants that all items manufactured by Ward are free from defects in workmanship or design.
  • Our component suppliers also extend their individual product warranties to you as a Ward customer.

Log shrinkage is addressed long before construction begins

Dry cedar logs produce the tightest log home

In fact, Ward's air-dried Northern White Cedar log homes experience virtually no settling. So there are no specially engineered slip-joints or bolts to tighten. The lack of movement also ensures that the seal placed between the logs remains relatively undisturbed for a tighter, more energy-efficient and stable log wall, yielding greater energy savings and comfort for our customers.

Here's how Ward addresses settling and shrinkage issues long before construction begins:

  • Ward uses Northern White Cedar exclusively, which is known for its dimensional stability.
  • Careful, slow air-drying helps prevent logs from warping, twisting, cracking or checking.
  • Throughout the structure, vertical posts are used to bolt the log rows and minimize downward log movement.
  • Every interior partition has a 4x4 post against the log wall, bolted solidly to prevent settling.

Every vertical window and door frame is fastened to each log row to prevent downward log movement.

Energy efficiency designed right in

From the northernmost corners of the United States to the hot, humid South and the arid Southwest, Ward Cedar Log Homes are designed to withstand virtually any climate. So it's not surprising that most Ward Cedar Log Homes built today are used for year-round living. Our homes are designed to deliver superior energy efficiency, which minimizes heating and cooling costs.

Independent testing by the National Bureau of Standards has demonstrated that log homes, with their tremendous thermal mass, consume less energy than frame houses. Moreover, Ward's Northern White Cedar's large cell structure traps air to create natural insulation.

Since two-thirds of a home's energy loss is through its roof, windows and doors, Ward uses only the best name-brand components in our home package, including Architectural shingles, Andersen® 400 Series tilt-wash windows,

Andersen® hinged and gliding patio doors, and Therma-Tru® fiberglass doors.

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