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Northern White Cedar

The strength of beauty, the beauty of strength

Our exclusive commitment to using Northern White Cedar dates back to Bruce Ward's lumberman years and his lifelong love of cedar. Bruce felt deeply that log homes built of Northern White Cedar would be a source of timeless satisfaction, physical comfort and emotional security to their owners. He was right.


It’s not surprising that cedar is considered one of the world's most highly prized wood species. With natural oils called thujaplicins found in its heartwood, cedar is highly resistant to insects, decay, mold and mildew, making harsh chemical treatments unnecessary.


Northern White Cedar has the highest insulating value-per-inch Of any native construction wood species. This is a result of its unique cell structure, in which large, less dense cells trap pockets of air to create natural insulation.


Because of its larger cells, cedar can be air-dried, which allows moisture to migrate out of the wood, minimizing twists, cracks or checks (small cracks 1/8" or less). Far more dimensionally stable than most other wood species, cedar exhibits minimal shrinkage and the ability to stand up to nature's toughest elements.


Each log is its own masterpiece, with its natural light honey color, fine grain, beautiful smooth sheen and unique arrangement of small brown knots.


Polyurethane applied to the interior walls is all that's required to keep your Ward Cedar Log Home looking as new and beautiful as the day you moved in.

From our home in Maine to yours

There are only a few places east of the Mississippi River where Northern White Cedar grows in abundance. One is Houlton, in the great North Woods of Maine, and home to our 35-acre manufacturing facility. Here, a highly skilled and dedicated team of employees, many of whom have been with Ward for 10, 20, even 30-plus years, control every step of the process, beginning with magnificent stands of Northern White Cedar. And our round wood procurement practices and stringent specifications allow Ward to offer a higher grade of log than most other manufacturers.

Here's a look at the process our Northern White Cedar logs go through before becoming a beautiful, strong and long-lasting log home.


First, logs pass through our state-of-the-art sawmill, which has been designed specifically to handle Northern White Cedar. Each log is cut into a "cant," a rough-sawn square timber consisting only of cedar's jewel - its heartwood. Remaining wood is recovered and used for exterior and interior door and window trim; porch, deck, loft and stair railings; tongue-and-groove paneling and decking. Any wood not meeting our grade is chipped and sold as mulch. Nothing is wasted.


The cants are then stacked with spacers between each layer, allowing air to easily circulate. Each stack is moved to the drying yard, where it will sit until the logs reach an average moisture content of 20% or less. Air-drying ensures a more stable log that is less likely to warp, twist, crack or check.


Once the wood is properly dried, our skilled operators feed the cants through a planer machine that gives each side its unique profile.

The planed logs are then warehoused until they are designated for a specific order. Ward maintains a large inventory of planed logs to ensure quick delivery of every home package.


When your home plans are finalized, a cutting list is computer-generated for your order, specifying the length and type of end cut for each log. Here, logs undergo final cutting and quality inspection.



Throughout this entire process, logs are inspected a total of three times by our independently certified log graders. By taking such care, we can

ensure that your home will be built from only the highest quality cedar logs, precision- cut to fit together beautifully.





Finally, Ward provides a delivery date that works with your schedule and timeline -

typically within 30 to 90 days of the order being placed.

Materials are carefully packaged and shipped on flatbed trucks to prevent damage during transit, and components are clearly labeled for easy identification upon delivery.





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