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Energy Efficiency

Ninety-five percent of Ward Cedar Log Homes are bought for year round living. From the sometimes chilling northernmost corners of the United States to the hot, humid South and the arid Southwest, Ward Cedar Log Homes are designed to withstand virtually any climate. Our homes are designed to deliver superior energy efficiency, which minimizes heating and cooling costs.

In fact, independent testing by the National Bureau of Standards has demonstrated that log homes, with their tremendous thermal mass, consume less energy than frame houses. Ward uses Northern White Cedar exclusively because Northern White Cedar offers the greatest security against moisture and stands up better to insects, decay and heat transfer. The energy efficient Comfort System 5™combines tongue-and-groove joinery and newly formulated caulking to keep your home warm in winter and cool on the hottest summer day. And since two-thirds of a home's energy loss is through its roof, windows and doors, Ward uses only the best name-brand components in our home package.


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