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Design Choices

Fitting your needs is our primary concern at Ward. We know a Ward Cedar Log Home is the right choice, but it has to be right for you. Once you have decided on a Ward Home, we help you discover options for planning and pricing that conform to your needs and wishes, while offering some ideas you may not have thought of.

Whether your log home is based on a traditional farmhouse, a colonial design, a gambrel, or a Western ranch, we offer more design flexibility than you can imagine.

You also have the opportunity to personally design your dream home. Bring us photos of home styles you love or a rough floor plan sketched on paper, and your dream will be brought to life. At no extra cost, our complete Custom Design Service will guide the process and help you develop a plan to specifically meet your needs. We use advanced computer-aided design software to expedite this process and make it easy for you to visualize your new home.

Rest assured that, whatever type of home you envision, we will take your initial ideas through to final finished drawings. And no matter what kind of home you choose to build, when your home package arrives on site, everything is ready for you or your builder.


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