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Past and Future

Feel the Past

While no one can be credited for inventing log cabins, there was one individual who pioneered modern log home construction techniques: Bruce Ward, founder of Ward Cedar Log Homes, America's first manufactured log home company. The original cabin fashioned by this young lumberman more than 90 years ago was not a product of foresight, but of passion. Ward loved log cabins. He was fascinated by their snugness and warmth. And in the winter of 1923, he built his own cabin on a lake in Northern Maine using Northern White Cedar logs he had felled himself.

Friends and neighbors, who loved the charm and coziness of his rustic hideaway, asked Bruce to build cabins for them. To meet the demand, he set up a mill in Presque Isle, Maine, and began producing hand-hewn log cabins under the name of Northern Cedar Company.

Bruce Ward's continuous improvement of joinery resulted in the ingenious interlocking milling technique. With this system, which would become known as the tongue-and-groove method of log joinery, the pre-cut, pre-packaged log home industry was born.

In 1955, the company - known as Ward Cabin Company - moved its entire operation to new, larger facilities in Houlton, Maine. Improvements in engineering standards catapulted Ward out of the "log cabin" business into mainstream American housing. Today, Ward Cedar Log Homes is one of the country's leading manufacturers of custom cedar log homes, having built more than 10,000 residential homes and commercial buildings across the United States and around the world.

Discover your Future

It's hard to imagine that one enterprising young man toiling deep in the North Woods of Maine nearly a century ago could have had such a tremendous impact on so many people today. Yet, from that first rustic lakeside retreat, Ward Cedar Log Homes has elevated log home living to a level of sophistication, innovation and beauty far beyond anything Bruce Ward could have ever foreseen. From such humble beginnings comes your future - a future that opens the door to a lifestyle that transcends ordinary living.

  • A future in which your home wraps you in the welcoming comfort of a favorite armchair from the instant you step through its doors.
  • A future in which you can savor quiet moments basking in a flood of light, surrounded by soaring space and free-flowing interiors, accented by the natural beauty of Northern White Cedar.
  • A future that keeps you safe from anything Mother Nature throws your way, yet in touch with what you've always longed for: a gracious retreat from the everyday world; a haven nestled perfectly in the woods, along the edge of a meadow or lake, against a mountain backdrop or overlooking a broad blue expanse of ocean.

Just right on any piece of land you treasure, your Ward Cedar Log Home takes you back to a time when the world was less complicated, when our spirits could be nourished by simple moments that touch the senses, when personal pride and superior workmanship guaranteed lasting quality.

This is your future in a Ward Cedar Log Home. It's everything you've always dreamed of. And like no other home you can imagine.


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