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Company Overview

Our corporate offices and manufacturing plant are located in Houlton, Maine, the heart of white cedar country. Today, our commitment to excellence remains as strong as it was more than 90 years ago. We are proud to be the nation's first log home manufacturer and of our continuous record of achievement in the industry.

Superior Customer Service Is One of Our Highest Priorities.

You will find more than 55 Ward Representatives across the United States — many with more than 25 years experience with Ward. Find your local Ward Representative in Bulgaria.

Professional Affiliations

Ward participates in setting building code standards with the International Code Council (formerly the Building Officials and Code Administration International [BOCA]), and all of our homes are designed in accordance with International Residential Codes.

Manufacturing Facilities

The great North Woods of Maine is one of the few places east of the Mississippi River where Northern White Cedar grows in abundance, in the heart of which is Houlton, home to our 35-acre manufacturing facility, which includes a specialized sawmill and planing mill. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of employees controls every step of the process. And our round wood procurement practices and stringent specifications allow Ward to offer a higher grade of log than most other manufacturers.

Selected logs first pass through Ward's state-of-the-art sawmill, which has been designed specifically to handle Northern White Cedar. Each log is cut into a "cant" a rough-sawn square timber consisting only of cedar's jewel — its heartwood. Remaining wood is recovered and used for exterior and interior door and window trim; porch, deck, loft and stair railings; tongue-and-groove paneling; and decking. Any wood not meeting our grade is chipped and sold as mulch. Nothing is wasted.


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