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Ward Cedar Log Homes - Over 90 Years as America's First Log Home Manufacturer


Sophistication, Beauty & Innovation

Since 1923, Ward has been creating the finest custom Northern White Cedar log homes, cabins, commercial buildings, and hybrid log homes. From large, luxurious log homes to small vacation retreats, Ward Cedar Log Homes has manufactured more than 10,000 residential structures across the United States and throughout the world.  Our exclusive commitment to using Northern White Cedar dates back to Bruce Ward's lumberman years and his lifelong love of cedar. Bruce felt deeply that log homes built of Cedar would be a source of timeless satisfaction, physical comfort and emotional security to their owners.  

A Ward Cedar Log Home is created just for you.  Start with a plan from any one of our three design series, and use it as a springboard for your ideas.  Make any modifications you wish. You can even combine features from one home plan with another.  Or go completely custom- the choice is yours.  No other log home company has as much experience that Ward does. We work closely with you every step of the way to bring your dream log home to reality, even continued support after you move in.  Put Ward's 91 years of experience to work for you when designing your log home.  Contact us for a consultation to get started on a design for your log home and to discuss any questions you may have.

"Not only do I recommend Ward Cedar Log Homes, I ask anyone who is considering new construction to take a look at Ward. The company reps are easy-going and know their business. Members of my build crew visited the mill and were very impressed with everyone’s commitment to excellence – from design, to milling, to loading the product for transport. They take their time and do things right. The product is an excellent blend of age-old, and modern, technologies - tried and true systems with the advantage of computer design and milling. The design process could only be easier if there weren't so many options. One can build from standard designs or create a dream house with as many facets as desired." -Patrick

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